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Nov 16, 2012 5:00am EST
bombed the house of a hamas commander in the strip. hamas claims to have launched at least 350 rockets at israel. this is the heaviest fighting in the region in four years. >>> a baltimore county teacher is one of the latest patients in maryland to be diagnosed with whooping cough. the good news is the vaccination should probably protect the students but nationwide cases are on the rise. the disease can pose a serious health risk to infants. >>> plans to rebuild the ocean city boardwalk should be finished on schedule despite hurricane sandy. the city's engineer tells the daily times officialeses bury the project lost only two days because of the storm. they're rebuilding between north division and 15th street will be finished in april. >>> it's just about two months away from part of the military is now focused on the presidential inauguration that will be here before you know it. >> hundreds of people are coming to town the coordinate the -- to coordinate the ceremony and the parade and as peggy fox reports from arlington -- >> reporter: what does it take to plan an event for
Nov 15, 2012 5:00am EST
bombard mnltses. the military chief of hamas was killed in yesterday's fighting. >>> china has a new leader this morning. he is the son of a party elder and has been vice president for the last five years. china's is the world's second leading power. >>> question of the daytime now. once again 4% of american men admit to doing one of these things. a, asking for parents' approval to marry their bride, b, getting an annual physical or c, reading the instructions or owner's manual? >> one viewer wrote on our facebook fan page, i think the percentage would be higher for c since it seems most men won't do that so it leaves a or b. i think more men are willing to ask for a parents' approval than willing to go to a doctor for anything so my answer is b. >> go to our facebook fan page. we'll have the answer about an hour from now. >> this week we're giving away tickets to "les miserables." all you have to do is answer the question of the day correctly to be entered into the sweepstakes and every day we'll randomly draw a name. that person will win four tickets to "les miserables." the musica
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2